Clean Eating Detox (ONLY)

This class is taught by:
Sign up for the 10 day Clean Eating program and you will have a chance to build nutritional habits that will fuel your vitality with an effective system that will fit your busy schedule. We will guide you through the program and help you stay focused and motivated toward your goals. You will gain valuable information about how different foods effect inflammation in the the body. You will walk away with a sustainable daily food regime. The recipes are designed to support your body’s natural detoxification process, and you’ll finish the cleanse feeling recharged and renewed.

What Makes This Program Different?
In this program you will be eating food! These whole foods are from a very specific list that is targeted to reducing inflammation. This will assist in reduction of body pain and bloating.
The program has flexible options for omnivores and vegetarians.
There are no pre-packaged processed foods, you are the chef.

What You Get:
-10 Days: of expert coaching and guidance

-Community: there are four in-person coaching sessions and an online group to support you in staying connected and supported through thr process.

-Menus & Recipes: you will receive sample menus and clean eating recipes for success.

-Shopping Lists: to keep you focused at the grocery store

-Power Foods: A comprehensive list of foods to eat while detoxing

-Food Journal: To keep track of what you are eating, drinking and how it is making you feel

-Success Pack: Tips for success while detoxing


Wednesday 1/9 - 8pm

Saturday 1/12 - 3pm

Wed 1/16 - 8pm 

Sunday 1/20 - 3pm

Additionally we will be co-teaching with Sophie Shepard... Here's a little about Sophie:

Sophie Shepherd, Founder of Shepherd Healing Essentials (SHE) is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach (INHC) specializing in helping women decrease chronic inflammation and pain through dietary adaptations and addressing key lifestyle shifts in sleep hygiene, stress management and physical activity. As a supplement to her practice she has teamed up with a Functional Medicine practitioner, Dr. Steven Geanopulos to create a seamlessly integrated program that addresses clients micronutrient deficiencies, hormonal imbalances and assesses their metabolic profile through blood work analysis. When she's not working one-on-one with clients, she is delivering speeches on nutrition, running meal prep classes and creating smoothie workshops.