Three Circles of Health (Fitness, Fuel and Focus)


Our coaching program will address corrective exercise for physical balance (Fitness), Metabolic typing for nutritional balance (Fuel), and Qi Gong and Yoga for mental balance (Focus).  We utilize state-of –the-art licensed website to create a personalized program for you and it allows you to track your progress. Additionally, there is on-going email support for questions, and laser coaching (10-minute phone) if necessary.  This program is comprehensive and you can create a lifestyle with healthier habits and the strategies to maintain them.

Program structure:

1) A Health Assessment Questionnaire, Health History, Metabolic Typing Questionnaire (nutritional balance) and Diet and Sleep log 10-day food log. All questionnaires are on-line, but available in hard copy.

2) A 120-minute session will be scheduled

That session consists of:

  1. A feedback of the information from the questionnaires

  2. Discussion on lifestyle and goal achievement

  3. A determination of next steps for health and physical well-being

  4. A postural assessment

  5. Body Composition, key body site measurements and BMI

  6. Abdominal Wall Function assessments

3) A customized program based on the assessment. Program includes:

  • Corrective exercise program print out with pictures and on-line

  • Strategies for gaining nutritional balance. 

  • Focus and breathing techniques

  • Complimentary On-line access with video education

Program Implementation:

Weekly 30 to 60-minute follow up in person sessions

  1. Cover multiple day full body programs that would include, strength, mobility, and flexibility, exercises based on assessments.

  2. Address a basic whole-food easting practice to support our nutritional well-being

  3. Set Weekly goals, weekly weight-ins and monthly measurements.

Lifestyle and Wellness Coaching at Studio In The Heights