Studio in the Heights offers safe, effective, small group training for adults of all ages. Our classes are personalized to meet the needs of all fitness levels.   The coaches provide specific coaching for your fitness needs. The Studio in the Heights offers a wide variety of classes and personal coaching to help you meet your goals. 

High Intensity Training at Studio In The Heights


Is an intense, time-efficient and effective workout that will change your body and get you into the best shape of your life. This program is creatively designed, integrating body weight exercises, the TRX, and Sandbells into a high intensity interval program that will build strength, burn fat, increase metabolism, and improve overall fitness. Classes are exclusive, a maximum of ten people per class. The dynamics of small group training allows for individualized instruction and provides greater motivation in a friendly competitive environment. All fitness levels are welcome. 

Heights Express at Studio In The Heights


Hit it and quit it! When time is an issue, you don't have to drag yourself through an hour-long routine. Heights Express will have you on your way in half the time. Now, with 30 minutes of full body, strength and cardio circuit conditioning, you can no longer say you do not have the time.

B.E.S.S.T at Studio In The Heights


B.E.S.S.T - Balance, Endurance, Strength, Stretching, and Tranquility training.
This 60-minute class will focus on building the foundations of fitness, health, and well-being. An excellent class for beginners, it devotes extra time to proper exercise form and movement patterns as well as flexibility to improve range of motion. Class concludes with guided relaxation techniques. 

Based on the class format, this class offers options for pre and postnatal mothers as well as mature adults. 

Core Flex at Studio In The Heights

CORE FLEX EXPRESS- Not currently being offered

Burn. Breathe. Stretch. Tone.  This intense 30-minute of focused, energy-inducing fitness program focuses on core strength for the ultimate full body workout.  Using TRX, balls, bands, and your own body weight as resistance, the program will keep you burning calories long after the class is over.  Prepare to sweat, and melt the fat away as you lengthen your body and slim your core.  

Kick It! at Studio In The Heights


Kick It! is the perfect combination of technique and heart pumping cardiovascular training in a full body workout that will not only push you to new levels of fitness, but will be the ultimate stress reliever. Priest is a martial artist with black belts in three separate martial arts styles. He combines this knowledge with over 15 years of personal training experience to create a quality fitness program. You will learn defensive movement, proper kicking and punching technique, and practical combinations. These sessions will utilize jump rope, shadow fighting, heavy bag, and focus mitt intervals. Participants of all levels are welcomed. “Kick It!” is a fun way to burn calories while learning the forms and techniques of self-defense and kick boxing.

Yoga For Athletes at Studio In The Heights


This is a class targeted to all individuals that are looking to improve their results in our strength classes, through increasing range of motion, and balance muscular development.  This class is also excellent for competitive runners, cyclist and other team sport athletes.  The class will focus on key muscle groups that with support performance. Additionally class will offer core strengthen and balance.

Barre at Studio In The Heights


Heights Barre helps sculpt and tone long lean muscles through targeted movements inspired by dance. This class utilizes mostly body weight for a full body workout that builds muscular endurance. You can expect to tone your legs and arms, build your core strength, and lift and tighten your seat. You will feel the burn as your muscles work through different sequences designed to engage and target to the point of fatigue. Each targeted muscle is stretched for recovery. Heights Barre will tighten and strengthen your body, utilizing high repetitions and low weights in a challenging class set to high energy music.


Zumba® takes the “work” out of workouts, by mixing low-intensity and high intensity moves for an interval-style, calorie-burning dance fitness party. It’s a total workout, combining all elements of fitness- cardio, muscle conditioning, balance and flexibility, and once the Latin and World rhythms take over, you will leave class with a serious boost of energy!