It has been just over a year since I started training with first Lisa and then through Heights Intensity Training and Yoga for Athletes. I was coming back from an ankle and foot injury and just wanted to be able to walk without limping. Instead, I am stronger and healthier than I have been in many years. Along the way, I have met so many supportive and outstanding people and look forward to working out with them week in and week out. They lift my spirits and provide me with a support group to be my very best self. Thanks to Lisa, Priest, Leslie, Melissa, and Lee for creating a sense of true community, coaching us with respect and care, and encouraging us to be happy and healthy!

- Mary N.

GO TO THE STUDIO. this is not a gym, this is a place to learn about and practice fitness and nutrition - with amazing teachers and classes. I can't believe I belonged to a regular gym for so many years - there is no doubt in my mind that my time spent at the Studio in the Heights results in better - fun - workouts, and the inspiration to improve. Lisa and Priest have created something really special.

- Lisa G.

Studio in the Heights is what our neighborhood needed! Lisa and Priest give original work-out combinations, based on many years of expert training, using strength-building, stretching, balance and time for quiet relaxation in the BESST class, which is truly the BEST hour of my week. Classes are small with lots of individual attention from master teachers. Studio and teachers are gems.

- Alice F.

“Working with Lisa is like getting a big hug”

- M. Henderson, personal training client 

“Priest, I don’t have the words to adequately express my gratitude. All of my life I was sedentary and uncoordinated (even before I was fat!). When I came to you the psychic scars were huge. Your gentle encouragement and positive reinforcement were just what I needed to believe I could belong on that gym floor full of jocks. Working with you during the past year, I have lost 36 pounds and 12 ½ total inches, but more important, I gained confidence. I will never forget you – you changed my life.”

- L. Davis, personal training client

“Priest, Just a small note to let you know how much I appreciated all the support/training during my pregnancy. I realize this note doesn’t nearly cover all the grief you took in those seven or so months, but just know it comes with a hundred more thank you’s. Best wishes always.”

- L. Nacino, personal training client

“(Lisa)..I want to thank you profusely and profoundly for you have been more than a trainer; a true coach and a caring human being genuinely concerned with my well being. You are a true master of your trade, with an endless trove of exercises and routines for the development of any muscle group. In music you would be called a virtuosa and that has also the connotation of a spiritual quality of commitment and dedication. I will recommend you to anybody.”

- A. Rosario, coaching client

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