Clean Eating Detox Program

Sign up for the 10-Day Clean Eating program and you will have a chance to build nutritional habits that will fuel your vitality with an effective system that will fit your busy schedule. We are partnering with Sophie Shepherd, and together we'll guide you through the program and help you stay focused and motivated toward your goals. You will gain valuable information about how different foods effect inflammation in the the body. You will walk away with a sustainable daily food regime. The recipes are designed to support your body's natural detoxification process, and you'll finish the cleanse feeling recharged and renewed.  Sign up for our newsletter to learn about when the next group is running.


This 75 minute workshop introduces a series of re-energizing and restorative exercises that relieve tightness and tension in shoulders, upper back, and hips—areas most vulnerable to pain and discomfort throughout the day. This workshop utilizes Qi Gong techniques, as well as breathing and yoga postures that can be done in the workplace to improve mental clarity and alertness while reducing stress.

Six Steps to Being Lean, Fit and Focused for Life

This workshop introduces participants the six practical lifestyle-management steps to increase energy and productivity, while decreasing stress. Participants will examine their current routines and create an action plan for new lifestyle behaviors. These three one-hour workshops also include the Re-enerchi class.

Active In the Moment (AIM) 

This 75-minute workshop teaches creative techniques to integrate exercise into lifestyle by helping participants find opportunities to add strength training, flexibility, and relaxation into daily routines. It supports the Surgeon General’s guidelines of 150-minutes of weekly exercise for health.

Living the Sweet Spot

This is a holistic-lifestyle coaching program offered in a series of workshops with a facilitator who will design a comprehensive program for individuals or small groups. Topics include weight loss, lifestyle management choices, stress relief, and energy management.

Call us to customize a program to meet your specific needs.